505 Food Fight

Season 3

Rules and Information


Each Chef must make 2 courses, utilizing each of the 3 secret ingredients within 60 minutes.

There will be a total of 3 secret ingredients presented at the beginning of each round; chefs must utilize all 3 ingredients with-in 60 minutes (secret ingredients must be used once, but do not all have to be in each dish). After the ingredients are unveiled, chefs will have 10 minutes to plan their dishes, no ingredients may be gathered to prepped during this time.

Chefs have full access to all items in the host walk–in, pantry and freezer.

Each Chef must present 5 ‘plates’ within each course. Plates can range from a single bite, shot, salad or entrée in size; 3 for the judges’ table, 1 to be auctioned off with the ‘judges seat’ and 1 to be auctioned off individually.

Chefs will have a 60 second buffer once the clock stops to finish plating their dish, if the chef chooses to utilize any portion of the extra minute they will be docked a total of 5 points. At the end of the additional 60 seconds the plate will be presented to the judges as is.

In the event that any of the five dishes required, are not presented at the end of the 60 minutes, 5 points will be deducted for each missing dish from the total.

In the event of a tie, the two chefs that tie will compete in an additional 15-minute, one bite or amuse bouche challenge, judged by David and Stacy.

Competition will begin promptly @ 9:30 pm.  Please arrive no later than 9:00 to the host restaurant.

The winner of each round will move on to the next round in a single elimination style tournament, with the Championship battle taking place on February 22, 2018..

The winner, of Season 3, of the 505 Food Fight will be presented with:

                  505 Food Fight Trophy - for display in the winning chef’s restaurant. This trophy will remain with the winning chef until the winner of season 3 is determined, at which point it will be passed on. The winner of each season will have the option to compete in the next season.

                  Custom designed Chef’s knife by The Ginger Ninja

                  505 Food Fight Champion Chef’s coat – this will be custom ordered once the winner is determined, and presented at a later date.

                  Winners Basket

Participating Chefs will:

·       Consent to their images, and or video being used on the 505 Food Fight Website, Facebook and Instagram page.

·       Agree to participate in local television appearances that may be requested throughout the tournament, as their schedule permits.

·       Will promote and market their round on social media and in their restaurants, as they are able to.     

Please feel free to contact Stacy Wilson with any additional questions or needs. stacy@505foodfight.com  |  505.259.7441